who is upnorth services?

Our mission is to provide vital resources and continual support through a variety of services to incarcerated individuals, newly released ex-offenders as well as their supporter. We have developed a sophisticated packing and shipment system where we deliver consumer products that specifically adhere to prison directives allowing friends and family to send inmates support packages easily via our patent pending SmarkKartâ„  online shopping system and traditional mail/fax correspondence. In addition, we provide vital informational resources that will aid formerly incarcerated individuals with successfully reentering into to society

UpNorth Services was founded in Brooklyn NY out of the need to provide a simple and easy system for people to send care packages to incarcerated people. 


BET Interview Lerrod Smalls CEO of UpNorth Services from UpNorth Services on Vimeo.

BET Interview, Lerrod Smalls of UpNorth Services


Just like you, we have endured our share of challenges over the years to continue providing resources and make opportunities available to supporters. we will always be open to suggestions and ideas on how we can be better and living up to our mission!

We didn’t come to make a Dollar

We are here to make a Differenceâ„