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More Than a Card: Free and Crafty Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Inmates

When your significant other is locked down, they have a lot of time to think about you and how much they would love to be with you. Sending them Valentine’s Day letters and keepsakes satisfies that until the next time you visit or when they are released.

Valentine’s Day Printables

Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

Printable Stationary

Printable Certificates

Printable Calendar
The idea is to create a calendar and enter important personal dates and anniversaries to remind them of the times you have shared and keep them in the loop of your life.

Valentine’s Day Activities

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Share a Journal
Personalize and decorate a cheap notebook that is acceptable by their facility and write in it everyday with your thoughts for a set amount of time agreed upon by you both, then mail it to your incarcerated loved so they can do the same. Giving each other intimate insights into your daily life will strengthen your bond and help make the time spent apart a little bit easier to endure. Create a schedule that will keep anticipation and interest in high gear!

Read a book together.
A great idea is to read a book together. Find a book you think you both would enjoy and agree to read a chapter every night. Reading together, can open up lots of discussion, and can help boost a relationship in which both people feel they have run out of things to talk about.